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Cricket: 5 Fastest Batsmen to score 23000 runs in International Cricket



Cricket: 5 Fastest Batsmen to score 23000 runs in International Cricket

We can judge a cricketer by its performance, There are many cricketer who have piled up a lot of runs in their careers and are hailed as top batsman in international cricket.

If we talked about the top batsman who scored 23 runs- Sachin is the highest run-getter with 18,426 runs in 463 matches.

While, Virat Kohli has musted most runs with 3150 runs in 90 games. Here we calculated the top fastest batsman to score 23000 runs in International cricket.

5 Fastest Batsmen to score 23000 runs in International Cricket:

Kumara Sangakkara (558 innings): the left-handed batsman mustered 28,016 runs in 666 innings. The wicketkeeper-batsman scored 12,400 runs in 133 Tests, 14,234 runs in 404 ODIs, and 1382 runs in 56 T20Is.

Jacques Kallis (551 innings): the right-handed batsman scored 25,534 runs in 617 innings. He piled up 13,289 runs in 280 Test innings, 11,579 runs in 314 ODIs, and 666 runs in 23 T20Is.

Ricky Ponting (544 innings): during his international career for Australia, Ponting smashed 13,378 runs in 287 Test innings, 13,704 runs in 365 ODIs, and 401 runs in 16 T20Is.

Sachin Tendulkar (522 innings): The right-handed batsman mustered a total of 34,357 runs in his international career. With 15,921 runs and 18,426 runs in 329 Test innings and 452 ODIs, Tendulkar is the highest run-getter in both formats.

Virat Kohli (490 innings): Kohli has reached 23,017 runs in his career so far. In 161 Test innings, Kohli has piled up 7689 runs. In 245 ODIs, he accounts for 12169 runs and 3159 runs in 84 T20Is.


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